Prom, Part 2, okay?

I say! Discovery! You made it to the next segment examining the fifth Adventure and first prom for WATSON AND THE SHARK!

This time, we look at the prom so take your medicine and curb your senioritis so you donut miss a second! Our chief guide is Lars Soderlund

Lars discusses the result of his torrid Tori spell(ing?) and the further woes of Christina. We are also introduced the mysterious summer lady, Katy.

Lars will guide you through your prom memories past and future. Get ready for the second part in a series of wild adventures that includes characters like Katy, a recliner, Lord Skeffington and Johannes the German tux shopper!

So, grab an iced coffee, your prom dress, a rented tux, and my father's limo (but not the satellite radio!), and relax and enjoy this fine feathered tale.
Remaining parts of this series will appear shortly! Collect all of these!


(just click that for a sweetened mp3)

This first part of theadventure also has a wash of prom music featured including:

Artist Song
Ida Post-Prom Disorder
Tim Hecker Ghosts in Silver
Burt Bacharach The Look of Love

Go here to discover L'AVENTURA 5.2 where Lars realizes real tragedy.

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Have a most beautiful weekend.

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